Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Favourites

I think I'll make this a regular thing!

Me talking about my favourites of the week, They could be anything from clothes, make up, music and odds and sods.

First on my list are teas! I've been drinking lots of Hot Apple Tea, the brand I'm drinking can be seen in a previous post.
An all time favourite of my family is Tetley tea! It is the only sort of everyday tea that doesn't give me heart burn... The one cups are brilliant, and cheap! £1 for 100 bags. They make the perfect cup of tea, not too strong nor too weak.

Eggnog Lattes. I had my first one this morning and I have to say I think I have found my winter favourite!

H&M Cardigans! I think I have one in every colour, I wear them with everything and I'm loving the Autumn/Winter colours!
They are soft and snuggly! I always make sure to buy a few sizes bigger to I can layer them!

THIS ^^ all the way! It is my trademark sent! IT smells so warm! My friend Cara loves it... I gave her a hug when I bumped into her at Starbucks and she just went mental! I know what to get her for Christmas... and myself...

I know this series is old but I've recently saw it for the first time. I love it! The acting in it is really good. A healthy dose of Jamie Bamber is always good.


(via 19-ninefeethigh)
This cat! I loved the shocked look on it's face! I've always wanted a cat but my dad is allergic..

Black and white photography! This picture is my own, I've done all my recent shoots in black and white and I don't know why. I think it looks moody :)

This is everything I've been loving this week, I'll compile a list from now on to make this weekly!

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