Thursday, 10 November 2011

Photo Spam!

Autumn is nearly over here!

Only 4 weeks left of it!
Autumn is my favourite season, probably because my birthday is in October

I was out and about when I was not working or doing music jobs.
Going for walks and photoshoots.
I dunno why but I am loving taking pictures of shoes and the grass with leaves on. It was so warm when I took this!
(do pardon my nails)

I was drinking lots of tea, even more than I usually do! My dad managed to track down a company which imports Hot apple tea! I tell you now, you must simply try and get a load of this in!
I also spent a lot of time with my best friend and godson. I took them to a park they've never been to before (she's from London and is still getting used to being up here after 5 years!) You might not be able to tell but she is quite heavily pregnant in this picture. Number 2 is on the way. She is wanting a family Christmas shoot. I am going to be jam packed!

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